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Following the production of the last Black Cat Bones album and the article in Blues Magazine written by Alain Hiot, Jeff chose Stefan Colomb to produce this anniversary album. To follow up on the 10 albums already released by the artist, a new and experienced outside ear was needed. Following a first mix realized at the Studio36 in Vichy, Jeff delighted, of a new artistic sensitivity entrusts the production of his next opus. 

NEW ALBUM " 30 years of Scene

30 years on the French and international scene is no mean feat, and there's no way of paying tribute to a career rich in human encounters and artistic collaborations. 14 tracks of French blues music, but not only. Passages on the biggest festivals of Blues in France(Cahors, Cognac, among others and prestigious first parts (Jean Louis Aubert, Claudio Capéo, Bernard Lavilliers...), tours in the USA (California, Chicago-Memphis-Clarksdale..), collaborations with American artists (Kelly's Lot, Jim Roberts).

The work entrusted to Stefan Colomb gave him the opportunity to mix guest artists such as the harmonica player Vincent Bucher (Bill Deraime, Charlélie Couture...) The banjo player Jean Marc Delon (Sanseverino, Bluegrass43...) and to work with Tony Margaléjo who made the recordings. A beautiful adventure which gave during several weeks of numerous exchanges and sharing.

photo credit: Philippe Gilibert



Thirty years spent on stage, strumming his guitars and staunchly supporting quality blues interpreted in the language of his ancestors deserved Jean-François Thomas, alias Jeff Toto Blues, to release an album commemorating a musical journey studded with encounters, concerts and recordings since 1993... Read more.

Written by: © F.Delforge


Jeff Toto Blues

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