After years of varied career paths, Stefan Colomb's visceral artistic and creative passion took over again, allowing him to blossom to the full. For him, creating is a source of unrivalled jubilation, and has become an indispensable means of expression. For over twenty years now, Stefan Colomb has been combining the skills of technical rigor and artistic rigor. In addition to his human qualities and great artistic sensitivity, this positions him as a high-level professional, constantly seeking to evolve and perfect his skills. Musician-Composer-Producer and drummer, he composes and arranges for several artists, for cinema, theater, dance and many others. He also produces several contemporary music records, film soundtracks, works for radio and post-production...

Having initially taken various professional paths, I knew I was on the wrong track. Something stronger was pushing me again and again to get closer to the world of creation. It was stronger than me, like a vital impulse, a visceral imperative. Taking this step allowed me to reveal my true personality, to finally get closer to what I really wanted. An art of being, not of having, that always engages me in a right relationship with myself and others. As close as possible to who I am, far from any artifice. For me, creating is more than a matter of course, it's a real necessity.

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