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Let the silence of those who are not heard enough be heard.


For several years, Ambre has lived in the rehearsal space next door to Stefan Colomb's production studio. They sometimes bump into each other in the corridors, and share a few exchanges. Often, the band's rehearsals reveal musical arrangements that attract attention. Sometimes even a very clear perception of what these musicians are up to. As time goes by, Stefan Colomb senses in these vibratory moments a different breath of air, a powerful yet calm energy. At the end of 2022, the band asked Stefan to produce their first album, and after some discussion, Stefan offered to attend a series of rehearsals. This was a very important immersion in order to develop a working method which, during residencies, would prepare the group to approach the recording sessions with serenity. Work and recording sessions begin in September 2023, culminating in the release of Volume 1 in April 2024.


New video, the track from the new album Génération is a co-production with Stefan Colomb. It speaks of misery, rafts, bombings, famine, but also of the hope of leaving these places where life is constantly threatened. It's also about the way we look at these people in distress, and the sometimes terrible reception they receive from other people who are entrenched in their own hatred and profit.


This first opus Tome 1 is now available. Ten new original titles have been created from scratch. grinding with lyrics by Sylvain Biguet. It is also the first collaboration with Stefan Colomb, to whom they offer not only to produce the album, but also to contribute his own voice. look and skills during in-residence work sessions. It enables musicians to find their balanceto develop a methodology to get more out of serenely to the studio sessions. It also features arrangements from the first eight months it took to make the album. Available on all platforms.

Bizarres Prod - Stefan Colomb Productions


Machine is the new video clip taken from the pilot concert at 11Bis in Vichy on March 30, directed by Sylvain Perry of Unknown Picture.


Yet I learned early on to speak, to ask, to repeat, trivial things, unimportant things, but inside this immense void, what is me, what I think, I keep it inside me, well padlocked, I was taught to express myself, to give my opinion, good bad, you can't learn that in ignorance, it often provokes mistrust and suffering.


This is the new video directed by Ambre, whose track Single is taken from the forthcoming album. An urgency to be alive and resilient, and to share the band's new audiovisual face. Images by Sylvain Perry of Unknown Pictures, editing by Sylvain Biguet. Co-produced by Bizarres prod & Stefan Colomb productions.


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