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Slam, Rock, Story Instagram Facebook Youtube Apple Spotify Deezer photo credit: © Sophie Hervet Making heard the silence of those we don't hear enough. AMBER L'HISTOIRE Ambre has been living for several years in the rehearsal space next door to Stefan Colomb's production studio. They sometimes bump into each other in the corridors, and share their [...]

Son Of Birds

Sarah Delbois Author Composer Instagram Youtube Soundcloud ARTIST: Sarah Delbois START DATE: 2022 PROJECT IN PROGRESS Photo: Son of birds Photo: Abdelbassat Abdelbaki In 2020 Stefan Colomb meets Sarah Delbois while collaborating on an English translation she is producing for a film. The discussion quickly turns to the songs she's been writing for [...].

Thibault Cauvin Live session

The name of life live session Instagram Youtube Spotify Guitarist Thibault Cauvin was asked by the PerceptionFilms team to shoot a live session when he came to Vichy on April 9 to present his book "À cordes et à cœur". "The name of life" from Le voyage de Chihiro, music taken from his [...]

Ana Lañin musician

Studio production Carta de navegación Instagram Facebook Youtube October 2022 MIRALEJOS New project and follow-up with the recording of "Miralejos" the new song written and performed by Ana Lañin for her Carta de Navegacion project. Release of the new "Miralejos" video clip. Stefan Colomb produces the sound at Studio36 in Vichy. An exhilarating adventure, bringing together [...]

Daisy Dolls

ARTIST: DAISY DOLLS START DATE: 2015 PROJECT IN PROGRESS Photos: Solène d'Argy Illustration CD: JL.Magnet Productions Daisy Dolls In 2015, the music workshop at MJC Saint Germain invited Stefan Colomb to come and coach young musicians on Wednesdays, to share his professional experience. Two female singers are part of a group [...].


MATHILDE Instagram Youtube Facebook ARTIST: Mathilde Lemaire START DATE: 2015 ONGOING PROJECT Photo: Solène D'Argy It was in 2015 that Stefan Colomb met Mathilde Lemaire. He liked and was inspired by the young singer's voice, which seemed promising, especially for her age. Being at that time working on the new album, he decided to [...]


Production of the new album "Improbables Histoires" Instagram Youtube Facebook Annwyn, or "the other world of the Celts" in Sidh, is an Ethno-Rock band made up of 4 talented musicians: Jean Roch de Lima, Stéphane Usson, Arnaud Guenzy and Claire Bard. Having recorded their 10 tracks themselves, the latter will call on Stefan Colomb in May 2021 for the entire [...]

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