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Cie Imprévue

Editing, mixing, production Teasers shows Instagram Facebook Youtube ARTIST: Cie Imprévue BEGINNING: 2021 In progress photo credit: © Nathalie Marion In 2021, Aurélie Benoit, choreographer of the professional Cie Imprévue, called on Stefan Colomb. His knowledge of dance performance enables a clearer artistic dialogue and anticipation of the [...]

2022 Retro

2022 archives SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER NEW SONG PROJECT December 13, 2022 Over the past few weeks, new studio sessions have been underway with guitarist Julien Bernard. New song project for Mathilde. to be continued #studio36Vichy PRESS ARTICLE November 26, 2022 Philippe Thivat, sports journalist and correspondent for the newspaper La semaine de l'Allier, writes [...].

Sebastien Morin

La musique et l'image Instagram Soundcloud Youtube ARTIST: Sebastien Morin DATE OF START: 2020 PROJECT IN PROGRESS Photo: Sebastien Morin Photo: Serge Mosnier SOUND DESIGNER For the past few years, Sebastien Morin has been rehearsing regularly in the premises next door to Stefan Colomb's studio. They regularly bump into each other and start talking about music. [...]

Son Of Birds

Sarah Delbois Author Composer Instagram Youtube Soundcloud ARTIST: Sarah Delbois START DATE: 2022 PROJECT IN PROGRESS Photo: Son of birds Photo: Abdelbassat Abdelbaki In 2020 Stefan Colomb meets Sarah Delbois while collaborating on an English translation she is producing for a film. The discussion quickly turns to the songs she's been writing for [...].

Thibault Cauvin Live session

The name of life live session Instagram Youtube Spotify Guitarist Thibault Cauvin was asked by the PerceptionFilms team to shoot a live session when he came to Vichy on April 9 to present his book "À cordes et à cœur". "The name of life" from Le voyage de Chihiro, music taken from his [...]

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