After several years of producing and performing for others, Stefan Colomb decided in 2011 to reconnect to the reason that led him to his profession: the musicand particularly to play the battery and compose. He then decided to leave his own trace and to accomplish his full potential by composing, recording and producing his album Blend. The summer of 2011 was a good time for him to enthusiasm and the jubilation of creation, and so on 12 January 2011 he unveiled the 14 tracks between smooth jazz, easy listening, groove and fusion of his album. He does the sound recording, mixing and mastering and the arrangements.       

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  1. there is heart, of the ear, that pulses, that heats, that swings, that nostalgize, that micheljonasze a little also sometimes, no, not nasze. Justemicheljo. No, that stéfancolombe! That's it, that's the word! I like it a lot. When will you have a voice to say it?

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