Creation Recording studio Studio Z

The beginning of the Facebook production In 2003, Stefan Colomb felt the need to find a place to work. He therefore proposed to the company Zèbre Théâtre, today Procédé Zèbre directed by Fabrice Dubusset, Artistic Director, with whom he has worked since 2000, to create a recording and rehearsal studio in the [...].

Far from Heaven

Original creation "Loin du paradis" Multiple encounters with numerous artists in 2003 motivated Stefan Colomb to embark on a new collective experiment, in partnership with percussionist David Monnot. This experimental project, based on percussion, aims to get artists from all horizons to participate and react, and plays with [...].


Production new album "Rolling Thunder" Instagram Facebook Stefan Colomb and the Black Cat Bones have known each other for several years. It was in 2018, during residencies for their album project, that the Blues duo then made up of Laurie and Philippe Thivat, approached Stefan Colomb following his advice on recording, production, mixing, arrangements [...].

Fool Puppets

Mastering of the single "Another working week" Facebook Instagram Youtube In December 2017, Stefan Colomb met the pop-rock band the Fool Puupets, who asked him to master a song that would later be illustrated by a video clip directed by EmotivProd, which was released on January 14th 2018. Stefan discovers their recordings, surprised [...]

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