Musical Creation

Sebastien Morin

La musique et l'image Instagram Soundcloud Youtube ARTIST: Sebastien Morin DATE OF START: 2020 PROJECT IN PROGRESS Photo: Sebastien Morin Photo: Serge Mosnier SOUND DESIGNER For the past few years, Sebastien Morin has been rehearsing regularly in the premises next door to Stefan Colomb's studio. They regularly bump into each other and start talking about music. [...]

Coma Esta Sound piece

Musical creation short film Soundcloud Coma esta, is a title composed for a short film, and born from the lack of inspiration of Stefan Colomb for this work. Creating can sometimes represent a kind of discomfort, the incomprehension in front of a blank sheet of paper, the inability to express or to feel the particular emotion, necessary for some projects. It is this [...]

Festival Plein la Bobine

Musical creation festival clip 2010 Instagram Facebook This original musical creation was created following a video workshop and a frame-by-frame animation clip produced by pupils from St Nectaire elementary school (63), the aim of which was to create the credits for the festival for young audiences. The "Un Air de [...]" team was on hand to help [...].

Far from Heaven

Original creation "Loin du paradis" Multiple encounters with numerous artists in 2003 motivated Stefan Colomb to embark on a new collective experiment, in partnership with percussionist David Monnot. This experimental project, based on percussion, aims to get artists from all horizons to participate and react, and plays with [...].

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