It was in 2015 that Stefan Colomb met Mathilde Lemaire. He liked and was inspired by the young singer's voice, which seemed promising, especially for her age. Being at that time working on the production of the short film "Une Ombre au Tableau", Stefan Colomb made the connection between the song he composed for the credits, and Mathilde's voice. A few weeks later, she was already recording the theme song in the studio, and this is how their musical adventure began. Stefan Colomb recorded and produced several covers of Mathilde Lemaire, accompanied by his guitar, a piano or soundtracks.


It is at the beginning of this year 23 that Mathilde follows up a new song extracted from his moleskine. A few weeks of writing and arranging for Julien Bernard guitars and Stefan Columbus on drums, keys & bass and production. Careless is a pop rock song half angel half demon but not too much

photo © Solène D'Argy Solène D'Argy


This Sept. 2, 2022 official release of the Single accompanied by the clip directed by Solène Dgy . After a few months of studio recording and filming, Mathilde's first solo project is born. It is a great collective pleasure to have worked around this desire. Other titles are being written and arranged at Studio36 in Vichy, work is in progress...



Mathilde launches her new solo musical project "Orange Tree". During her stay in Spain, she wrote new songs for which she will soon be recording a single with Stefan Columbus and Julien Bernard. It will be accompanied by a clip made by Solène Dgy PhotographerJust like the photos. The make-up is signed by Alice Lemaire. Communication Juliette Leclercq



More recently, Stefan Colomb recorded and produced the cover of "The Lady is a Tramp", in a jazz register closer to Mathilde's vocal universe

After these great experiences, they decided to work together on a video clip for a cover of Lana Del Rey: Million dollar man. Stefan Colomb and Yannick Saint-André work together on the shooting, and it is in June 2019 after several weeks of video editing by Stefan Colomb that the video clip is made public on Youtube.

First Ambition

Acoustic Session


Swing Session



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