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In 2015, the music workshop of the MJC in Saint Germain asked Stefan Colomb to come and coach young musicians on Wednesdays, to share his professional experience. Two female singers play in a group of high school students called Skypeanuts. Mathilde Lemaire and Zoé Barge work together on guitar-vocal pieces in a great symbiosis. It was in a corridor that Stefan heard them for the first time, immediately seduced by the harmony of their two voices, but also by their accuracy and the originality of their arrangements. Since then, Stefan Colomb has recorded and produced their first EP Daisy Dolls, their album Midnight Songs and their latest single "Watching the Rain".

6 April 2021 - Recording begins for Watching the Rain - Daisy Dolls

After a long confinement to write and compose, the Daisy Dolls propose in this spring 2021 to produce their new single project. With 'Watching the Rain' the Daisy Dolls are renewing themselves and will surprise their listeners with a mystical song, this time with more vocals, guitar, production and also percussion and cello arrangements. Stefan Colomb will once again take care of the recording, mixing, production, some arrangements and percussion for this project. Stay tuned to discover this brand new single from the Daisy Dolls accompanied by Stefan Colomb, Julien Bernard, and Gilles Sogny-Pautrat. 

23 August 2021 official release of the video directed by Solene D'Argy. The single is available on Spotify, Napster, Deeze, and Apple Music

16 November 2019 - Midnight Songs, the first album of the Daisy Dolls

Since November 16, 2019 the Daisy Dolls album "Midnight Songs" is available as a CD but also on the streaming platforms Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Youtube. It features 11 new tracks, including 3 compositions and a surprise track, 2 vocals and 2 guitars only. This folk album, with its rock and sometimes pop undertones, was intended to be more accomplished and more produced than their first EP, which Stefan Colomb had great pleasure in achieving, adding his artistic touch with original percussion and arrangements. The participation of talented guitarist Julien Bernard on the surprise track gives this album a truly cosmic last song. 

Listen to the Daisy Dolls and Stefan Colomb's production:

To celebrate the first anniversary of their album Midnight Songs, the Daisy Dolls are sharing animated illustrations for each track

One year after the release of Midnight Songs you could find little by little visuals created for each song by © Massil Kabchou, illustrator, and © Paul Hebbinckuys, animator. Check out the visuals on the Daisy Dolls Youtube channel.

7 May 2017 - Recording and production of the Daisy Dolls' first acoustic EP

After discovering the Daisy Dolls at the MJC and falling in love with their musical universe, Stefan Colomb asked Mathilde and Zoé to produce a first EP. Absolutely delighted, they recorded 6 acoustic covers that were totally rearranged. These studio sessions were incredible for the Daisy Dolls as well as for Stefan Colomb, the 3 of them bathing in a complicit harmony, the whole in a lot of freshness like the name of their duo Daisy Dolls... 



These two students met in the corridor of a youth and cultural centre in theAllierThe two of them, guitar in hand, and their voices decided that they would never leave each other's side. The Daisy Dolls have been creating a repertoire for more than four years now. pop folkThe two women have a common passion: music. In a desire to share their work, they perform for various occasions, from concert cafés and restaurants to private parties, and were able to shape their experience in the Vichy basin and its surroundings, or for different festivals outside the region. Their influences are diverse, and from Fleetwood Mac à Oasis through Gainsbourg and their own creations, they manage to make people love Lana Del Rey and Britney Spears to rock purists as well as to surprise on classics like Bowie. An evolution to follow closely because two years after the creation of their first EP of covers, their first album was released on November 16th Midnight Songsincluding their original compositions, and recorded by the Vichy production manager and musician Stefan Columbus which has been following and supporting them since their beginnings. After several appearances on local radio stations, this creation is an opportunity for them to broaden their horizons and perform in Clermont-Ferrand or outside theAuvergne. For the time being, and after intense work on the album, their concert schedule for 2021 continues to fill up. An invitation to dive into the freshness of a universe elegant and femaleboth sensitive and energetic, rocked by harmony of their unique voice all in the evidence of a beautiful friendship.


Daisy Dolls

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  1. These two voices are so well matched! What harmony.
    The choice of covers is sometimes surprising, but as soon as you listen to it, you are carried away by this duo.
    The recordings are perfect, well balanced, skilfully produced... And what better way than to go and see them on stage! It's a feast for the eyes and ears.

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