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Musical Film Production

The start of 2014 led Stefan Colomb to a superb encounter with "Mr Martin", a talented artist from Clermont-Ferrand, whose songwriting, arrangements and hip-hop-electro musical universe make him the perfect choice. It was during a residency at 11Bis (an artistic creation space) that Stefan met this artist.

Because it is a question of shooting a live film, Mr Martin solicits Stefan Colomb and his skills to do the sound recording. Beautiful meetings are then made with all his technical and musical team, and Stefan will have during two days the opportunity to appreciate the talent of this fascinating character, who writes and slams very good texts, illustrated with beautiful sound colours. Stories and a living character who doesn't pretend...

"Because the prevailing gloom is increasingly shaking up our societies, the emotions that arise from it are multiple. And this darkness can paradoxically enlighten us on many life paths. Especially the most disturbing ones. Fear, anxiety, loneliness, melancholy, who has never been troubled by these upsetting feelings? At what point can man be capable of crossing the yellow line, of no longer belonging to himself until he becomes uncontrollable?

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