Sama Painter

Sculpted sound creation

From June to August 2012, Stefan Columbus has a new hallway neighbor. Sama, artist painter and sculptor Burkinabe resides in one of the many workshop rooms to create his new exhibition "shadows and lights". And that's just as well, because that's all there is at night in these premises of over 3,000 square metres: shadows and lights, not a lot of light. souls who live. But Sama, just like Stefan, works at night, scratching his canvasesThey get to know each other over coffee, and the nights go on and on. Stefan, curious, asks Sama if he can observe for a few nights, his work, his family reflectionwhile letting his audio recorder run. To hear reasoning at night, to think out loud like a speech with some silhouettes that appear under his hands gives the strange sensation of a music... Long nights listening to the work of the artist, the desire to create, and to share, to hear the dialogue between his hands and his canvases, this material, this "juice"as he says, gives him pause silent and verbal. This mixture of sounds and inspirations gives Stefan Columbus "the mystical song of a meditation..." Some time later, Stefan submits to Sama his idea to film his work and to put it in the spotlight. He proposes to entrust this work to Fanny Reuillard, videographer and photographer, who will mount with talent a new look and give a nice final touch to this first project born of common desires. From these ideas and collaboration is born a film, on which Stefan Colomb will create a music only composed of sound recordings of the working sessions of the painter.


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Sama Painter

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