A step towards you in the Allier

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The adventure "Un Pas Vers Vous" began in 2016 for Stefan Colomb. "Un Pas Vers Vous dans l'Allier" is a documentary comedy about theAllier department, co-directed and scripted by Christopher Tourneur, Marie Julien, and Stefan Colomb.

The Picth of the film

This humorous and touching feature film about the Bourbonnais, with Bourbonnais, created and directed by Bourbonnais, tells the story of the adventure of journalists from a major television channel whose ratings are falling. They are forced to abandon their sacrosanct metropolis to report on events far from their environment. They arrive in the Allier with all their equipment but above all with a good number of prejudices. Brutally exposed to what they think is a lost world, their acclimatisation is going to be very surprising...  

February 2017 - February 2018: A Year of Filming

The filming year started in February 2017, giving Stefan Colomb the opportunity to exploit his skills in several areas of audio-visual production. Initially, he was in charge of shooting and directing the sound team. Being passionate about the image and the place of sound in cinema, he was fulfilled in this project

From production

After more than 3 years of work, 1 year of shooting, nearly 400 hours of footage, and more than 450 volunteers, Stefan Colomb began his editing and production work, making the first teaser of the film public in May 2017. "Un pas vers vous" is the title of this teaser, which initially aimed to raise the funds necessary for the production of this documentary film on the Allier department via participatory financing. Christopher Tourneur had the idea and is the scriptwriter. Christopher's idea was to highlight in an original way the Bourbonnais, who often work in the shadows for their department. Stefan's main tasks will be shooting, editing and creating the sound and visual environment of the film.

In the end, Stefan Colomb edited and post-produced the 2.47 hours of film, as well as the numerous teasers and the official trailer. He was also in charge of recording the music and additional voices, as well as composing the music for the film. A colossal job, but for him it was exciting and formative, both on a technical and human level. Stefan also had to review all the sequences and let himself be transported this time as a spectator and no longer as a producer, to refine the images, the portraits, in order to render everyone's work as well as possible. This was a huge responsibility for him, a titanic challenge that he felt was missing from his artistic career up to that point.

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24 January 2020: Preview of the film Un pas vers vous in the Allier

This day was very important, because after 4 years of work, the actors, volunteers, extras and all the actors of the project were invited to discover the film in the big room of the Star Palace cinema in Vichy, whose team is saluted, and more particularly Jules Amossé, for his confidence. The reactions followed one another during these 2h47 of film, letting us hear a lot of laughter, but also seeing a certain emotion on the faces. The sharing and the feeling of the actors highlighted that evening, lifted some apprehension on the vision of a long term work. 



The official release of the film "Un Pas Vers Vous dans l'Allier" took place on 25 August 2020 at the Etoile Palace cinema in Vichy, after an open-air premiere in Billy on 15 July. 

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A step towards you in the Allier

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  1. Hello and thank you for your message. The film is no longer available. The author of the film is working on other personal projects and I am the only one in charge of answering your request. I'm sorry to say that there are no more DVDs planned for re-release. However, if you wish, I can put it on a platform with private access for 5 days so that you can view it? Kind regards

    Stefan COLOMB
    Production Manager

  2. Hello.
    I missed the film release and screenings.
    But I would love to see it.
    I assume that cinemas will no longer be showing it, but is it possible to see it on DVD?
    Thank you for your feedback.

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