Thibault Cauvin Live session

The name of life live session Instagram Youtube Spotify Guitarist Thibault Cauvin was asked by the PerceptionFilms team to shoot a live session when he came to Vichy on April 9 to present his book "À cordes et à cœur". "The name of life" from Le voyage de Chihiro, music taken from his [...]

Perception Films

Visual production in organized band Instagram Vimeo Since their first meeting in 2020 with Stefan Colomb, Charles Dussart, Sylvain Perry and Aymeric Audinat, have created a production company, Perception Films. Exchanges continue regularly and projects are shared, a real beautiful meeting! Stefan is seduced by their work: quality, professionalism, enthusiasm and [...]

Coma Esta Sound piece

Musical creation short film Soundcloud Coma esta, is a title composed for a short film, and born from the lack of inspiration of Stefan Colomb for this work. Creating can sometimes represent a kind of discomfort, the incomprehension in front of a blank sheet of paper, the inability to express or to feel the particular emotion, necessary for some projects. It is this [...]

A step towards you in the Allier

Production feature film FILM: UPVV START DATE: 2016 END DATE: 2020 The "Un Pas Vers Vous" adventure began for Stefan Colomb in 2016. "Un Pas Vers Vous dans l'Allier" is a documentary comedy about the Allier department, co-directed and scripted by Christopher Tourneur, Marie Julien, and Stefan Colomb. The Picth of the film This long [...]

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