Audio guide History

Recording and elaboration of Audio Guide History

From November to December 2015, Stefan Colomb had an appointment every Friday with the children of the TAP "Temps d'Activités Périscolaires" (extra-curricular activity times) at Cusset's Maison de l'Enfance to record an "audio guide pilot". This project is one of the children's ideas, aimed at providing a facility for the visually impaired, and giving them access to the town's monuments and historic sites, but not only. It's also another way for everyone to approach the city's historical and cultural heritage from another "ear". In this pilot project, Stefan Colomb works with the children of the TAP to create a story that tells the main facts about a monument or building and its past. Throughout your visit, the children themselves will take you on a tour of the commune's historical past, and certain personalities will tell you what role they played during their stay or residence in Cusset. Charles VII, his son Louis XI, Adelaide and Victoire de France, the 1855 tramway, the flour mill, the moat that became the courtyard, the famous plane tree in Place Victor Hugo, a gift from Napoleon, and so much more. An exciting project, requiring considerable work, both on historical research and on sound design and production, started by Stefan Colomb in March 2016. The children become the audio guide, recording their own voices, which will then be the content offered to visitors equipped with their audio guide. It's a project that really excites and motivates the children.

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After a year of research, writing, recording and sound production, it was in February 2017 that 16 points (buildings, monuments, streets, squares) were officially told by the children themselves, sometimes calling on Louis XI, Charles 7, Jean de Doyat, and many other historical personalities who make up the past of Cusset. This is another way of getting interested in the history and heritage of a town, which is fun and above all brings the visit to life.

The children participating in this project are supervised by the animators and coordinators of the Maison de L'enfance, with the support of the elected representative in charge of citizenship and disability. They were rewarded after long months of research, documentation and recordings in which they ensure the perfect narration of the past of this Bourbonnais town. Print and radio are also part of the work because who better than children to tell the story, to perpetuate it in time? It was a real pleasure for Stefan Colomb to realize and produce this beautiful citizen project:

Production Principle

"I sincerely thank the children for these beautiful moments of sharing, but also the professional actors who responded amicably to my request to participate, for the historical interpretations; the management team for their considerable work, their participation and their enthusiasm." 

Audio guide History

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