Perception Films

Visual production in organized band Instagram Vimeo Since their first meeting in 2020 with Stefan Colomb, Charles Dussart, Sylvain Perry and Aymeric Audinat, have created a production company, Perception Films. Exchanges continue regularly and projects are shared, a real beautiful meeting! Stefan is seduced by their work: quality, professionalism, enthusiasm and [...]

Coma Esta Sound piece

Musical creation short film Soundcloud Coma esta, is a title composed for a short film, and born from the lack of inspiration of Stefan Colomb for this work. Creating can sometimes represent a kind of discomfort, the incomprehension in front of a blank sheet of paper, the inability to express or to feel the particular emotion, necessary for some projects. It is this [...]

Musical creation Animated film

Un Air de Pixel" offers Stefan Colomb two music writing projects in May 2011. The company is supervising two video interventions with CE1 and CM2 classes at Mezel school in the Puy-de-Dôme department, to produce two short "frame by frame" animated films in paper and clay.

Audio guide History

Audio guide recording and development History ARTIST: Maison Enfance DATE OF START: 2015 DATE OF END: 2017 From November to December 2015, Stefan Colomb met every Friday with the children of the TAP "Temps d'Activités Périscolaires" at the Maison de l'Enfance in Cusset to record an "audio guide pilot". This project is [...]


Production of the new album "Accords et Âmes" Facebook Instagram ARTIST:YANNICK GILLOT START DATE: MARCH 2021 END DATE: OCTOBER 2021 photo: Perception Films Stefan Colomb met French singer Yannick Gillot at one of his concerts in 2018. He really likes the singer's lyrics. Yannick keeps in touch with Stefan, telling him [...].

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