Coma Esta Sound piece

Music creation short film

Coma esta, is a title composed for a short film, and born from Stefan Colomb's lack ofinspiration for this work. Creating can sometimes represent a kind of discomfort, theincomprehension in front of a blank sheet of paper, the inability to expressor to feel the particular emotion necessary for certain projects. It is this frustration that Stefan has allowed to express itself in this piece, a sort of desperate cry giving birth to a unique twenty-minute creation.

The second track, "Trousers groove", was originally a theme song for this short film, but eventually became a track in its own right. It was created with a groove loop, the sound of hands clapping on thighs, fabric sliding and snapping making it the main gimmick. A bass line and a few vocals were later added, symbolizing the end of emptiness, the end of depression, like an effervescent pill that soothes the pain...

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Coma Esta Sound piece

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