Middle School Song Tour

Choir accompaniment From 2015 to 2019, Stefan Colomb was the drummer accompanying the choirs of the Mermoz and Pierre Faure Colleges in Chauffailles, or the Jeanne d'Arc College in Paray-le-Monial (71) for their big end-of-year shows. About sixty students in some years, a good hundred in others, perform for nearly two hours [...].


"Jogo" Soul Pop Funk Soundcloud November 2012 marks the creation of a new Pop/Funk/Blues band project in which Stefan Colomb will share the stage with David Guilhen, Fred Artus, and Hugo Dessauges. "Jogo" is four letters, four musicians with different musical cultures: blues, groove, funky gimmicks, the intoxication of pop melodies or the warmth of chords [...].


Arrangements, productions, stages with Papillon Previous slide Next slide Facebook ARTIST : Dany Rodriguez DATE OF START : 2004 DATE OF END : 2007 Photo credit: JM Tessonier Evolution from 2004 to 2007 Stefan Colomb met Dany Rodriguez (Lanoir) in 2004 during a creative residency in St Nectaire. As a result of their mutual understanding [...]

The Imperial Scrubber

Trio chansons Françaises 70′ Stefan Colomb joined La javeleuse impériale in 2004, and until 2019 as drummer. This trio, founded in 1997, offers a repertoire of French songs from the 70s in a festive and convivial spirit. David Guilhen, bassist of La Milca, François Feldman and others, and Didier Robin, guitarist, are among the members of the trio, with [...]

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