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Sound Collections

Listen to see Sound collections Periodes 2010-2012 Photos: Stefan Colomb Photos: Christophe Rué Photos: Céline Duvignere From a very early age, Stefan Colomb has been fascinated by sounds - their origins, the sensations they evoke and the images they conjure up, all of which stimulate the imagination. His sound recording equipment is always kept in the trunk of his [...].

Les poids sont plumes "Theatre company

Studio session recording voix Facebook Youtube In early August 2017, Cie Les Poids sont Plumes came to Stefan Colomb's studio to whistle 3 a capella songs from their new show "Le cabaret des oiseaux" written and directed by Pascal Robert, with whom Stefan has worked for several years. These are songs [...]

The Cello Journey

"la prose du Transsibérien" La compagnie Modul'artis has among its creations a show featuring four cellists and a narrator. At the end of 2013, Stefan Colomb had the great pleasure of recording, mixing and producing the sound for Invitation au voyage, which in this case was not written by Charles Baudelaire. This [...]

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